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Alex Moore

Alex is a born and bred raleigh native who loves his hometown. Having grown up and lived in District A his whole life, Alex is very familiar with the unique challenges and overwhelming strengths of his district. He went to Lynn Road Elementary, Daniels Middle, and graduated from Sanderson High School. He was very involved with the Boy Scouts of America and ultimately achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Alex is not afraid of hard work, directly out of high school he started working for a general contractor installing commercial truss systems. The 16 hour days in 100 degree forged in Alex a work ethic that cannot be beat. After 10 years in the construction industry, Alex made the transition into residential real estate where he has made a name for himself as an energetic, knowledgeable and aggressive real estate agent.

Alex has been married to his wife, Audrey, for 8 years and has 2 beautiful kids, Cliff – 4, and Claire – 2.

When asked why he chose to run for City Council, Alex responds by saying: “I’ve seen the City of Raleigh grow and mature over the years. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. When I see the direction that our city is going, I realize it is not a sustainable path and we can’t just keep going into debt to finance our infrastructure. If I want Raleigh to be a healthy vibrant city for Cliff and Claire, I realized I had to step up and take my expertise to the city council!”



The City of Raleigh has a debt problem. We spend almost 1/5 of our budget on debt service which is equal to what we spend on public safety. This is a lot like spending 20% of your paycheck on credit cards. You may have a good credit rating, but you’re drowning in debt.

I know what it feels like to be drowning in debt. 6 years ago, my wife and I, as a young married couple, looked up and realized we had $60,000 in debt and it was no longer sustainable. We had the typical credit card bills, car payments and student loans. After taking a frank assessment of our financial situation, we laid out a plan and after 4 1/2 long, hard years, my wife and I paid off all of our debt. I plan to take the lessons and principles we’ve learned to the City Council so that as a city, we can be better stewards of the tax dollars of our citizens.

Police Officers:

Our police officers deserve our respect, our admiration and our support. They are putting their lines on the line each and every day they go to work. In today’s climate, often times, police officers are assumed guilty and they must prove their innocence. We have to do everything we can to support our police officers.

When I’m elected to city council, we must make sure that our police officers are paid fairly, trained properly and supported. If our officers are under paid, they are going to leave for other municipalities. We will be incurring the cost of training the officers just to lose them. We have to take care of our officers.

Alex Moore for Raleigh City Council - District A